Controlled Substance Sound Labs was formed by The Phillips Brothers as an artistic pipeline for our family of artists currently under the banner of Silverback Artist Management. As a firm that has represented the vision of its artists on the management side, we have created a record label and distribution scenario that caters to the new “independent” minded landscape of the music business, and its changing climate. We maintain a grassroots and artist-friendly environment, with a serious penchant for credible artists that share a somewhat common niche. Some might say there is a “California” sound to our roster, but we just love good music, and although we represent musicians from all over the map, our artists seem to have a common bond with one another stylistically in some form. From a standpoint of art vs. commerce, we are committed to a vision where our artists and us share a family vibe and a like-minded approach to cultivating a sound and vision, with roots steeped in rock/reggae/blues and funk encompassed with a mindset of organic dub and hip hop, spun with a populist vision.