“Top of the World” on Jimmy Kimmel Live

“Top of the World” on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Join Slightly Stoopid’s new Ese Locos Interactive Fan Club


Hey Locos! 

You can now join our brand new community for Ese Locos street team members and other true Stoopidheads on Facebook, iPhone & Android.

Follow us on tour, stay up to date with everything Stoopid, posts by the artist, connect with other Locos around the globe!



Slightly Stoopid Reaches Out to Fans with Ese Locos Interactive Fan Club

July 26, 2012, London, New York, Helsinki – American band Slightly Stoopid is known for their fusion of acoustic rock and blues with reggae, hip-hop, and punk. In view of the upcoming Unity Tour 2012, which the band is co-headlining, and the release of their new studio album in August, Slightly Stoopid are giving true fans their very own interactive fan club – Ese Locos Mobile Backstage.

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without our fans,” said Miles Doughty of Slightly Stoopid. “That’s why we wanted to do something new and different for them. Ese Locos on Mobile  Backstage will be a place where we can meet and talk with our fans. And they can talk with us. It’s all about being connected all the time, no matter where we are.”

Ese Locos Mobile Backstage is a community for the most loyal and dedicated Slightly Stoopid fans. The fan club allows the band and their fans to interact and share their experiences in an intimate and personal environment, far from the noise and clutter of other social media. Fans can post content, send messages to other fans, find and check into gigs, see the location of other fans and their online posts, track the band when on tour, play music, and purchase tracks and tickets.

The interactive fan club opens a direct line of communication between the band and fans. Using Mobile Backstage, the band will start a dialogue with fans and build a strong and vibrant community.

Join Ese Locos Mobile Backstage on:

Facebook – https://facebook.com/slightlystoopid/app_294841683863349

iPhone – http://itunes.apple.com/app/ese-locos-mobile-backstage/id531327570

Android – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobilebackstage.ese_locos

About Mobile Backstage
Helsinki-based Mobile Backstage is an interactive fan club service that helps develop and maintain deep and meaningful relationships between artists and the core fans. Easily accessible on the web, Facebook and mobile devices, Mobile Backstage lives wherever fans are, and strengthens every artist’s most important asset – the core fan base. With Mobile Backstage, fans can send messages to other fans, invite their Facebook friends to join, find and check into gigs, and purchase tracks and tickets.

New song “Don’t Stop” FREE Download #TopOfTheWorld

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Slighlty Stoopid http://slightlystoopid.com

New album, Top Of The World, landing August 14, 2012

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