– Here, Listen To This with The Beautiful Girls

Thursday, August 26, 2010

By Kevin Young

Special to The Post and Courier

This episode of “Here Listen To This” takes us to the table of Mat McHugh, lead guitarist and vocalist for the Austrailian band, The Beautiful Girls. In the midst of their tour through the US, he was kind enough to give us his take on some tunes. Mat and his bandmates will be swinging through the Music Farm on Tuesday August 31st in promo for their new album , “Spooks”. For more info visit the band’s website , or the Farm’s homepage at Now lets hear from Mat.


45 Grave – “Partytime”

The Return of the Living Dead has a soundtrack ??? I’ve watched

this movie a million times and it still kinda scares me. It’s probably not

supposed to, but it does. I’m gonna make this song my doorbell.

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Best Coast – “When I’m With You”

I like songs that don’t try and be too lofty or pompous. ‘When I’m

with you, I have fun’. Yep, nailed it. I read Kurt Cobain once say he wanted

to write a song about beans. I thought that was a really good idea.

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Collective Soul – “Shine”

I wrote a song for my high school band and when I played it to them

they said the riff reminded them of this song. I never played the song

again. Not even in my bedroom with the door locked.

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Violent Oshen Giesha – “Otis”

Hahahaha, I LOVE THE JAPANESE ! I changed my mind, I wanna have

THIS song as my doorbell.

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Beautiful Girls – “Let’s Take The Long Way Home”

I wrote this one on a hotel room bed in Paris. I’d just started up

a relationship and I was scared because I cared about it. This song is just

about wanting to take it slow in case we blew it.

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2 Live Crew – “Hoochie Mama”

Man, I bet you these guys got NO girls in high school and are just getting their revenge. Although, I guess what you put out into the Universe is what you get back. Good for them. We all love ghetto booty. And large boats.

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Autolux – “Sugarless”

This is my favourite song here. I love the sounds these guys get. They know enough to know what notes to avoid and how to stir some weirdness in with the pop. Good guitar playing. I prefer noise to guitar solos anyday.


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The Fauns – “Lovestruck”

The Fauns? I have a friend named Vaughan. He would probably think the singer of this band is super cute because he likes bookish, indy types. This is a little 1990’s. What I don’t understand though is, if you’re constantly gazing at your shoes how do you know where to put your fingers?

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