Concert Preview: The Expendables in Flagstaff on 03/24

Best known for their own creative fusion of reggae and metal music, California natives The Expendables have been staking their claim in the California music scene since 1997. Having already played alongside bands such as Slightly Stoopid, Pepper and Fishbone, The Expendables are gaining popularity as they climb their way to the top of the surf-rock music genre. This summer they will be playing in Warped Tour, but before they do, they will be making an appearance in Flagstaff along with Pour Habit, Fortunate Youth and Warsaw Poland Bros.

The Expendables have a distinct style of music that blends many genres together and attracts a broad spectrum of fans. Facebook describes The Expendables’ sound  as “reggae [that] had sex with metal, [then] punk got in the mix and ska videotaped it all. Then out pooped The Expendables.” Geoff Weers, vocalist and guitarist for The Expendables, said combining sounds from other bands they like inspired their unique style.

“When we started playing music together, we naturally played the type of music we were into,” said Weers. “We just started making songs that sounded like the songs we love in all the genres we love. It didn’t matter what genre it was; if it sounded cool and it was fun to play, we played it. I think this is why we sound like we can’t decide whether we want to be Bob Marley or Iron Maiden.”

Like many other laidback California surf-rock songs, most The Expendables songs celebrate drinking, girls and having a good time. Much of the inspiration behind Weers’s lyrics come from the blues genre, which he said he had been interested in since he started playing music in the 7th grade.

“I love the clever ways the blues describes love and pain in lyric,” Weers said. “It is usually so simple yet so powerful at the same time. I aspire to write like that — I try to write songs that are universal in feeling but unique in the way they are worded.”

Pour Habit, Fortunate Youth and Warsaw Poland Bros. will open for The Expendables. The punk sounds of Pour Habit added with the reggae band Fortunate Youth and the ska sounds from Warsaw Poland Bros. will give fans an exciting build up for the The Expendables’ blended sound. Weers said The Expendables have played shows in the past with good friends Pour Habit, and the band is excited to be playing with new musicians Fortunate Youth and Warsaw Poland Bros.

“I always like playing with our buddies in Pour Habit. They are fun bunch of dudes, and they rock,” said Weers. “I am [also] always stoked to play shows with new people.”

Clarissa Williams, a freshman electronic media and film major, said she has been waiting to see The Expendables perform for quite a while.

“I like the contrast of mellow reggae beats and metal ballad-like solos in [The Expendables’] songs,” said Williams. “I have wanted to see this band perform live for years, so I’m ecstatic for the show.”

Tickets for the show can be purchased through The Orpheum Theater. Tickets purchased in advance are $15, while tickets purchased the day of the show are $18.

Weers said fans attending the show should expect to have a good time with some great musicians.

“We are pumped to come out to Arizona,” Weers said. “It is always a fun show in the desert … Bring a protective mask because your face may melt.”