Fishbone's Interview with The Pier Magazine

After more than 25 years of breaking down barriers of punk rock, funk, ska and everything in between, Fishbone took the time to chat with The Pier about their journey in the musical game. From their start in 1979, until their most recent release of the Crazy Glue EP, Norwood Fisher discussed it all. The inspiration other bands received from Fishbone while watching the documentary Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone, thinking back to their first live performance ever, the difference between Gwen Stefani, Flea and Norwood at lunch, Donald Trump and plenty more topics. Afterall, it is Fishbone, so you never know what to expect. However, it’s great to honor Fishbone with The Pier’s Lifetime Achievement Award, but it’s even better to experience the response from Norwood. Enjoy!