Interview with Yesod Williams of Pepper | Rock Edition

How was the Unity Tour? It seemed to end really quick.

It ended in late July — 27th of July or something. Yeah, it was pretty short. P-Nut from 311 — I think he was having a baby with his wife — cut it a little short. They normally do like 6 weeks, but it was cool.

Have you toured with 311 or The Offspring before?

We’ve toured with 311 before. This was our first time even meeting The Offspring. They’re nothing but some of the coolest guys I ever saw. The tour was like rock & roll summer camp.

Did you start coming up with ideas for your new EP ‘Stitches’ while on the Unity Tour?

Well, we’ve been working on the music for a while. But, it was good to do the tour to get back into the swing of things. We’ve been busy building our studio and recording songs. We’re doing everything kinda piece by piece, not like we’ve done in the past. The idea for the ‘Stitches’ EP was born throughout the whole first half of this year. And during the Unity Tour we came up with the idea of doing a theme-based tour — our “Like A Surgeon Tour” — around the EP. So, that aspect of it you could say was born on the summer Unity Tour.

Has the songwriting been very collaborative?

Yeah, it has been, more so this year than it ever has been before. We’ve done all aspects of it in the past. Now we’ve been coming up with an idea and everyone will bounce it back and forth between each other instead of just having Kaleo or Bret come up with an idea and then we add bass or guitar on it and then drums to that.

Does all the writing take place in the studio or is everything written beforehand?

Both. It’s been more thought-out, which I think adds to more of a collaboration. It’s tighter sounding but also more a three-headed monster.

Tell us a little about Pepper’s upcoming 3D music video for the track “Drunk Girl.”

Our management has a friend who has all these HD cameras and made his own 3D rig. And, it was kinda perfect timing, we had two shows in Anaheim to start off the tour and it all kinda made sense with the Like A Surgeon Tour going on and the drunk girl being on the ‘Stitches’ EP. We just shot two whole live shows and some backstage stuff. I’m not sure if you’ve seen the film ‘Eddie Murphy Raw’ that Eddie Murphy put out in the early 80s, but it has that kinda vibe — where there’s some backstage footage leading up to the live show. We’re gonna get to see the first cut of that on Friday. It’ll be the studio version of the song, but all the footage will be live footage from our Anaheim shows.

I noticed that the new EP will be released by the band’s record label LAW Records.

Yeah, we eventually felt that we’re at a level where we can put out our own records. You’re taking more of a financial risk but in a sense the benefits of it are larger than the consequences. It just seemed like a no-brainer.

You guys are also at the level now where you’re self-producing your records.

Yeah, the EP we did all by ourselves. It feels and sounds like some of the best music we’ve written in maybe 4 or 5 years. So, so far so good. We’re gonna go back in the studio after the first of the year and start working on the rest of the album because we wanna put out the full-length album next summer. And, who knows, we might end up working with a producer on a song or two.

Will you be staying with the same concept for the full-length?

Not necessarily. The plan so far is that it’s gonna be our first self-titled album because we’ve never released a self-titled album. Most bands do that as their first album. We’re like 8 albums in and we’re gonna do it now, so it’s cool and a little different than how most bands do it.

Nice. Thanks Yesod.

Posted via email from Silverback Artist Management