– From Cali to Chi: Rebelution's Eric Rachmany @ Lollapalooza

From Cali to Chi: Rebelution’s Eric Rachmany
Saturday, 21 August 2010

Lollapalooza has a line-up of some of the hottest local and internationally known artist and bands performing in Chicago. Amongst them are Rebelution, a California based reggae band with a touch of rock and hip-hop.

The band, originally formed in 2004, includes Eric Rachmany (guitar/vocals), Rory Carey (keyboard), Wesley Finley (drums), and Marley D. Williams (bass). Rebelution relased their first album “Courage to Grow” in June 2007. Since it’s release “Courage to Grow” has been in the top 10 iTunes Reggae album sales. Their latest album “Bright Side of Life” debuted at number one on the Billboard Top Reggae Charts in 2009.

Rachmany took time out to talk with Eric Rachmany about Rebelution and performing at Lollapalooza, one of the worlds largest music festivals held in Chicago each year.

Would you describe your band as reggae mixed with rock and hip-hop or is it just reggae?

Yea it’s definitely reggae infused with rock and hip-hop, we definitely don’t like to limit ourselves to any sort of style. The foundation is reggae and then we add in different elements of different genres.

What inspires your band as artists and songwriters?

I think what sort of inspires us to write music is that we’re on the road a lot, we see a lot of different places and meet a lot of different people and it’s always exciting to write about what we see and what we do on a daily basis.

You were in Chicago earlier this year at the House of Blues in February where you had over a thousand people show up. What was that experience like?

Amazing because the time we played before at the House of Blues, it was maybe a couple of months before and it was a 200 person venue, so within the next two months we saw an increase of like ten fold, so it was pretty amazing to see the difference in attendance.

What motivates you to get on stage and perform in front of thousands of fans?

I think it’s our message that motivates us the most, we tend to write lyrics that are positive and uplifting and the vibe we get after the show is that everyone had a great time and motivated to go home and be productive people in this world.

Is this the bands first year performing at Lollapalooza?

Yes, this is our first year.

And how does it feel to be apart of one of the world’s largest music festivals?

It’s amazing; this is what we worked so hard to get to. It’s been about six years that we’ve been a band now. I heard about Lollapalooza when we were just little kids. So to be apart of this is pretty amazing.

Besides performing are there any bands or artists that you want to see perform?

Yea, I want to see Slightly Stoopid and I use to listen to Green Day a lot, so I want to check them out and that’s the coolest thing about playing at the festival, after were done we get to look at all these other bands that we looked up to and listened to.

Tell me about “Bright Side of Life” what are your favorite songs from that album?

I have two favorite songs the first one is “More Than Ever”, it’s about coming back home after a long tour and hanging out with some friends that you haven’t see in forever. The other one is “Moonlight” it’s a little bit different, the content has to do with relating and finding a way to communicate and generally just relate to people.

If you had a chance to work with another artist, who would you choose and why?

Good question, it’s so many but I would have to say Don Carlos, a guy that I really look up to. We had the pleasure of getting him on stage with us in Ft. Lauderdale, he jumped on stage. He had Rebelution’s back and did his thing. That was just so cool for me to watch.

Your fashion style looks so laid back and comfortable, tell me more about your fashion. Where do you shop?

(laughing) Well lately I have been all about more green clothing and we have this company that we sponsor, it’s called Liberty. Whenever we get to go shop at Liberty that’s my favorite. They have like organic cotton, bamboo t-shirts their super comfortable, their my favorite lately. I love it!

So you’re more like into wearing t-shirts, shorts and pretty much more laid back?

Well we come from Santa Barbara, California and it’s got the nice weather there, so we definitely like to be in shorts a t-shirt most of the time.

What can fans expect from Rebelution in the next three years? Are you working on the next album?

Yea, we’re always working on new material, so soon as when we were done with “Bright Side of Life”, we were writing stuff for the next album, so we have about half of the album done, and we haven’t recorded it yet but just the songwriting process. We are going to continue to write more music and keep on touring to places we haven’t been before.

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