Mat. McHugh's new album, Love Come Save Me, now available as a FREE digital download


Visit here to download Mat McHugh’s new album, Love Come Save Me


A personal letter from Mat:

“Sometime, shortly before the dawn of the new millennium, I visited a fortune teller down a dusty dirt track in the middle of India. He made many predictions, a lot of which have since come to pass. The most interesting though was that I would make my ‘most important creative work’ in 2012. I’ve spent many nights since then wondering how to interpret that prophecy. Trying to work out exactly what he meant. The conclusion I reached was that whatever it was that I was to create had to be about love and, secondly, it had to be shared. I’ve been blessed enough to be able to spend my entire adult life making music and have been awarded an amazing life. I have found a lot of love and have been gifted many things. I feel like the most ‘important’ thing I could do is to give something back. So, I have made an album of music that means more to me than any before it. I made the best record I possibly could. I am going to release it as a free download from my website with an option to order a physical copy with a portion of the proceeds going to charity. My only goal is to spread love and give something back to the Universe. I would love for anyone that the music reaches to share it and send it out into the World. The power of ‘word of mouth’ is almighty. Those that purchase it will be supporting independent music and donating money to keep our oceanic environments healthy through the Surfrider Foundation. Copies of the album will also be available at my shows. I want to take this opportunity to deeply thank everybody that has supported me and my music, whether solo or with The Beautiful Girls, throughout the years. You’ll never know how much it means. Please accept this music how it was intended, with love. Feels like we’re just getting started…”