NUG Magazine Interview with Rebelution

Originally from Santa Barbara, CA, Rebelution has been showing up everywhere I look! I just caught them performing twice in the last month, once at the Spring Gathering in San Bernardino, and then again at the OMBAC Coming Out Party in San Diego. Both shows were amazing! What I find most appealing about the band is their uplifting, inspiring music that makes the listener feel empowered!

They made me wish I would have listened to my little cousin, who brought me a copy of their first full length album “Courage to Grow” over a year ago. But I thought… what could this girl know about music? My bad! Rebelution has now become not only one of my personal favorite bands, but can also be heard coming out of the speakers in the art department and in the front office of NUG!

Everyone on the staff has become huge fans of Rebelution and we were stoked when their publicist reached out to us to see if we wanted to do an interview with the band. First let’s give you, the NUG Magazine readers, a little background on the band.

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