Pepper Review: Unity Tour All That And More

Unity Tour All That And More
Written by Melissa Garcia   

Shirtless and sexy is how Pepper likes to put on a show, and let me tell you, it was a great way to kick of this years Unity Tour. Each member entered the stage dressed in red shorts, a big farmers hat, and had sunscreen painted on their faces. With a huge surfboard lying front and center on the stage, and a portable lifeguard chair, it was clear to see what their theme was. But just incase you doubted their fantasies of being lifeguards, they had life preservers placed on the stage as well. After playing “Stone Love” they announced that their roots grew from Hawaii, but to not compare them to Jack Johnson because “their coconuts swing the other way.” These guys know how to have fun, and crack a few jokes throughout their set. WIth obscene gestures and filthy lyrics, it made me feel pretty embarrassed for those kids I saw that attended the show with their middle aged parents. Although the crowd was pitifully small by the time they played, they made their best efforts to get the audience up and loud.

As Bret Bollinger (bass) and Kaleo Wassman (guitar) took turns on the mic, the day continued with their hands moving up and down their forearms in quite suggestive ways, and of course, the occasional nut grab. They looked like they were having the time of their lives on stage the way they jumped around, and how they introduced Yesod Williams on drums while he sipped on a Coors Light. But my favorite was how they added their own commentary in the middle of songs like: “drip, drip, drip” and “you girls have to learn how to juggle that shit,” and Bret didn’t mean the kind of juggling you see at the circus. They continued with “Point and Shoot,” a blunt and lewd song about going down on a girl, and no, the nymphomania didn’t end there. As they began “Give It Up,” (and what erogenous set would be complete without this song?) they introduced Noodles, the lead guitarist of The Offspring, to tear it up on stage with them. They ended their set with their new single “Wake Up” off their self-titled album which has yet to be announced a release date. While they nailed the instrumental side of things, they often abruptly stopped singing in order to strum harder and faster on the guitar or bass, leaving the songs sung half assed. Nonetheless, they put on an amusing and boisterous show that left the crowd hot and bothered. 

Posted via email from Silverback Artist Management