Renegade Rock Review Vol. 27: The Aggrolites

After a lengthy anticipation-brewing break before their set, The Aggrolites came out with all members donning a short sleeve denim shirt each.  Ensuring the crowd had some energy left (as it was already past midnight), they heated up The Venue with “Funky Fire.”  If I’ve out-used the term “soul” this week—I take it all back and save it for Jesse Wagner.  He’s clearly spun just as many Motown greats at home as he has the two-tone likes of Hepcat and The Upsetters.  Taking the task of both lead vocal as well as lead guitar, this man’s to thank for the group’s focal points, in my book.  Like The Beatdown they left any horn section at the door, yet retained the reggae staple of organ usage.

It seems that having at least one of the aforementioned rhythm instruments are key.  In fact, it’s the keys here, thanks to the bandana donned Roger Rivas which make for the dubby, danceable output.

Fan favorites “Free Time” and “Reggae Hit L.A” hit the walls of this otherwise trendy Granville club, amongst newer cuts like “Time to Go” from 2010’s IV.  With an overall inspirational feel, an ass-shaking sensation and a seven man, tighter than hell coherence— we were all glad theymade the four day drive from Toronto.  After all, it was high time they received some west coast love, away from their So-Cal home.

Posted via email from Silverback Artist Management