Slightly Stoopid's Legalize It Show at Pier Six Pavilion a crowd pleaser

Miles Doughty of Slightly Stoopid feelin it at the Pier Six Legalize It show – July 29, 2010.

With a starting time of 6:30 sharp, fans were still filing in when Collie Buddz kicked things off in fine form, with New Kingston providing the musical backdrop. It was only a matter of minutes before the crowd warmed up and started filing to the front to absorb the reggae and dancehall grooves Buddz was serving up.

With the sun starting to set over the Baltimore skyline, Cypress Hill took to the stage to perform their plentiful hip hop hits. One of the most successful rap acts in history, B Real and Sen Dog worked the hot and sweaty crowd to a fever pitch, building up the energy for a crowd that was eagerly awaiting the arrival of Slightly Stoopid to the stage.

With the arrival of nightfall, the ambience was perfect for a vintage live performance by the band most everyone in the sellout crowd came to see, and Stoopid over-delivered as they always do. There’s a reason they sell out venues wherever they play, and bring the best acts across several genres to play alongside them. It’s all about giving a crowd-pleasing live performance to Slightly Stoopid, which was obvious by the throngs of fans rushing the stage in an attempt to get up close to the action. In fact, the only people in the place that didn’t feel the same rush were the security guards, who spent the duration of Stoopid’s set repelling the rushing fans.

If you couldn’t get to the Legalize It show last evening, you have two options: Get in the car and hit up the next stop or two, or wait til next year. And since it’s summer, isn’t it time to take that road trip? Stoopid and co. will make it well worthwhile.

Posted via email from Silverback Artist Management