Stoopid's TRI Free-Play

Dear Stoopidheads…

We are pleased to announce the following 24 HOUR “FREE-PLAY” of last night’s stellar 2 set SLIGHTLY STOOPID TRI STUDIOS PERFORMANCE and LIVE Q&A with special guest hosts Tommy Chong and Bob Weir! We appreciate your patience and support with any technical difficulties experienced, so we have decided to extend a FREE invitation for our fans to tune in and experience the magic that took place behind the walls of Bob Weir’s amazing complex. Anyone who paid for the webcast will be offered a full refund. All fans will have free access for 24 hours starting at 6pm this Saturday night.

Thanks for sticking with us and undstanding the risks associated with delivering the highest quality content while experimenting with new technologies. We strive to give you the best, so please tune in and check it out. The band and special guests Bob Weir, Tommy Chong, Karl Denson, Ian and Ivan Neville, and Don Carlos were absolutely smokin’!!!! We’d like to thank our Fans, our guests, Bob Weir, and the TRi Studios staff for an amazing event!! Please enjoy!!


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