The Aggrolites join Michael Franti & Friends for 'Band Together for Disaster Relief' in Australia.

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On Wednesday, April 20th 2011 at Byron Bay, Australia’s The Northern venue, musician and activist, Michael Franti along with his band, Spearhead, Luciano, The Aggrolites, Warrior King, Kim Churchill, Nicky Bomba and Bonnie Casey, with Peter Noble producer of Bluesfest and the good people at The Northern Hotel in Byron Bay, Australia, are banding together’ to help those in need. This action and concert is to provide money and services toward the crippling and devastating disasters that have hit Japan, New Zealand and regionally in Queensland, Australia. Floods, earthquakes and tsunamis have taken a toll on millions of people recently and we are the lucky ones that get to help. It will be a night of celebration for life, acknowledging and helping those caught in the multi-regional disasters. The evening is an international collective of musicians from USA, Jamaica, Canada and Australia that care and will perform semi-acoustic sets closing with an all-star jam that will surely be of legendary proportions.


*MICHAEL FRANTI has been bringing our world exceptionally powerful, deeply felt music over the last two decades from his youthful beginnings with The Beatnigs to the hip-hop infused Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy to his current hybrid of groove-laden, dance floor dub-rock band, Spearhead and his solo, intimate singer- songwriter messaging that pulls at your heart and soul. His latest release, The Sound of Sunshine, marked the highest chart debut of Franti’s career on the Billboard Top 200 and continues to find success on the charts with singles “The Sound of Sunshine”, “Hey Hey Hey” and the latest release “I’ll Be Waiting”. Franti’s impressive series of recordings have vividly reflected his status as a musical citizen of the world as he continues to bring his unique sound and inspiring message to fans everywhere.

Well aware that countless others face far worse problems than he did, Franti wanted the album to communicate a sense of hope and possibility for anybody who needs it. From his days of The Beatnigs, and later the far more hip hop-inflected The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy and then the urban-groove of his current band, Spearhead, Franti has crossed all sorts of musical and physical boundaries in order to make music for everybody and speak out and serve those that need help most.


*LUCIANO, with the release of his landmark CD “Where There Is Life,” emerged as one of the most important reggae singers in decades and the greatest hope for roots reggae’s survival in the digital dancehall era. Since that much acclaimed release, Luciano’s music has been consistently praised for imparting sentiments of spiritual salvation, Rastafarian edification and African repatriation. In these troubled times, Luciano’s engaging baritone resonates like a divinely ordained instrument possessing the power to comfort and, seemingly, the informed biblical authority to warn of impending destruction. While many of his so called “conscious” contemporaries have faltered by recording songs that glorify wanton sex and random violence as a means of topping the charts, Luciano has held steadfast to enriching Rasta principles; these positive lyrical themes have justifiably earned him the title of The Messenger.


*THE AGGROLITES are more than a band they are a movement unto themselves. They carry a banner – one created with their own hands. This banner reads, “Dirty Reggae,” and represents their signature fusion of reggae, soul, grit and determination. With their 5th full-length collection, “Rugged Road”, released as a series of vinyl singles followed by a full-length release in 12” vinyl, CD and digital formats, the dirty reggae bunch has rolled from city to city, across the pond and up main street rallying the kids, the parents, the students, the cops, the bosses and the drifters. The people come, they relish in The Aggrolites, the dirty reggae and the joy that comes with it all. The liberating rhythms and catchy grooves demand a return trip.*NICKY BOMBA has built a solid reputation in the music industry via many projects including conducting the 30 piece Melbourne Ska Orchestra to playing drums on John Butler’s award-winning “Sunrise over Sea” to being the Artistic Producer for the Multicultural Arts Victoria Visible project. After years of working with bands from Africa to the Middle East and honing his reggae, ska and mento expertise, Nicky has drawn on his musical journeys and philosophies to produce his first ever solo work, “Planet Juice.” This collection captures songs that have been sitting in the bag for years to new tunes – freshly squeezed. His new work sees him getting back to his roots; spending more time on the drum kit on top of a kaleidoscope of other instruments including the ukulele, marimba and guitar.


*WARRIOR KING’s international smash single “Virtuous Women” graced the airwaves internationally and become number one throughout many countries with its righteous lyrics. Since that auspicious beginning, Warrior King’s compositions have consistently charted not only in his native Jamaica, but throughout the entire Caribbean, as well as New York, London, Tokyo and beyond. His debut album “Virtuous Women” was released shortly thereafter, also featuring a handful of top charting singles including “Breadth of Fresh Air” and “Power to Chant,” while “Jah Is Always There” was a recent summer smash on Atlanta’s More Fire chart.


*KIM CHURCHILL picked up the guitar at the tender age of four. Then he trained classically for ten years. At 16, he started to find hiw own musical feet under the influences of not illicit substances, but Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Bowie, Marley and more recently Jack White. He’s now considered to be one of Australia’s most exciting young guitarists. With the release of his latest album, “Turns To Stone”, he still plans to record the 40-odd songs in his brain matter, as well as release three EPs and a second album by the end of 2011, the world hasn’t a clue.


*BONNIE CASEY a young, Canadian based soul and reggae singer has garnered major attention with a stellar performances at the annual Jamaica Day Celebration in Toronto, Canada where she entertained thousands of screaming fans who cheered as she belted out a heartfelt rendition of the Jimmy Cliff classic “Many Rivers to Cross.” She again turned heads with a smashing performance of “Willow Tree” and “Tune In” at the November 20th 2010 tribute concert for the late Gregory Isaacs at The Ronnie Williams Centre in Jamaica. Her debut single and album will surely be in high anticipation!





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Hotel Great Northern –

The Northern 35 – 43

Jonson Street , Byron Bay 2481



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